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Casting Porcelain

February 19, 2009

Last semester’s molding and casting class in the crafts department was a true learning experience.  I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to get too into the process, but once I began to understand it, I felt open to more opportunities for modeling and prototyping objects or products.

Aside from the mold-making and casting process, working in ceramics was also new to me.  Porcelain is the purest form of clay, and mixed with water, it makes a great casting agent when used in conjunction with plaster.  The porous plaster sucks the moisture out of the porcelain while it occupies the mold, allowing the form to hold shape.

I have been planning on getting back to the ceramic studios and to start casting and firing more models from the molds I made last semester.  It’s been busy so far this semester, but the opportunity arises, I’ll most likely find my way back to the kiln.  For now I’ve uploaded some images from my Flickr stream of work I did last semester, enjoy

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