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Recent Bracelet Designs

May 11, 2009

Similar to how job shops work, I had the opportunity this semester to give my professor my files and he’d run them for me and give me back the 3D printed object a week or so later.  During my crit today, he gave me back my most recent design that he had printed.  I wasn’t expecting it to be done yet, so I was pretty pumped when he showed me.  It turned out a little bigger than I calculated, since the randomness of the form allows for different lengths depending on how the bracelet falls.

The rapid prototype process prints the objects out with supports.  The bracelet was designed to fit into an area that is smaller than 2″ x 2″ x 2″.  Once the supports are removed the bracelet can be expanded and take form.

I want to look into if the already cured resin supports can somehow be recycled and used again, but it seems unlikely.  Maybe I can find another use for the leftover scraps.

I still haven’t sanded and finished it, but just wanted to share some process shots along the way.

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  1. kemmo permalink
    May 13, 2009 9:18 am

    Hi, I was just looking through the blogs on wordpress and came across yours. I am a gold and silversmithing student in Canberra Australia. Your bracelets look great! Was there a particular assignment for them? Will you be creating more? Last year I designed some servers on Form Z and had them rapid prototyped, then cast in stainless steel. Another student from my class has a wordpress blog and she is in the process of prototyping also, maybe you’d like to check it out? I’ll keep checking your site for updates. kemmo.

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